»This letter is about a „Thank you“ from my side.« — zweiter Brief von Carolin (13)


Dear Mr. Pivnik,

I have already written you a letter about your great book. But this letter is about a „Thank you“ from my side.

In my class I had a book presentation and I presented your book „Survivor“. All my classmates were very shocked that I read those books because they don’t read books like this. I don’t know why… Lots of them did not know that the „Holocaust“ was so cruel. But I think they’re not interested in this.
I read the capitel 8 (with Maurice the Belgian). I can’t believe the cruelty. Yesterday we were in the theater, there we looked „Angel with only one wing“. It acted from the II. World War. There was a little child, a boy, named Robert. He was a Jew. The actor played it with a doll. He played all of the rolls and the doll was the main figure. It was terribly sad. I had to cry (…) But it wasn’t only sad. No it was very rousing too. There was always a bit of hope, even in the worst moments. After the act we went home and I’m thinking about all of them. All the little kids, they had to go to the gas chambers. But the story had a happy end. He and his dad survived and they found a new life.

I wanted you to know that, maybe you’re interested in this.

In the 9th class we want to went to a concentration camp. Oh, I don’t know if I want to go there. (But I think I want it.)

That was which I wanted to say.
Thank you.

Best wishes, Carolin (13)


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